6 tried and tested conversion strategies for Ecommerce manager

Better conversion strategies and finding new ways to convert those visitors into buyers is always going to be a high priority for e-commerce managers, no matter the size of the retail store.

Conversion rates are currently sitting at around a mere 4% for some of the biggest and best known brands (IMRG Multichannel E-Commerce
Report), and the average rate of shopping cart abandonment from 2006 – 2013 is sitting at 67.4% (Baymard Institute). So how can lesser
known brands that haven’t got the same level of consumer trust increase conversions?

Stopping Those Shopping Cart Abandoners!
57% of respondents to a GetElastic survey said they were window shoppers. While window shopping has long been a leisure activity for some, there are plenty of other reasons for abandoning shopping carts, including:

If your site also has category pages as well as product pages then, according to CPC Strategy, you might be losing customers due to:

We have gathered and tested the following six strategies to give e-commerce managers insight on how to overcome these hurdles.

6 Effective e-Commerce Conversion Strategies
Confusing navigation. Bombarding visitors with too many products on a page. Elements that distract from the calls to action.

Strategy 01. Make sure your checkout process is optimally designed.
Well-designed checkout pages (as few as possible) can hugely improve the chances of your customers completing the process. Here are the top tips, according to a Smashing Magazine 2010 survey of checkout user experience:

01. Make your checkout experience completely linear – no confusing ‘steps within steps’. Never make objects clickable during the checkout phase so visitors get distracted and leave, abandoning their basket. And don’t ask for feedback before your customers have completed checkout.

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