eMarketing The essential guide to marketing in a digital world 5th Edition

Reviews for eMarketing:

The essential guide to marketing in a digital world Fifth Edition

Most people are looking for definitive answers in the digital space and you will find there are not many. It is all about an approach and finding the solution that best suits your company, strategy and organisational needs. The insights and approach provide a well structured guide to the channels and approaches that you will need to consider as you navigate the digital highway. A great companion to help you in your journey.

Richard Mullins, Managing Director MEA, Acceleration

For a comprehensive source of digital marketing information, the eMarketing textbook provides an insightful guide to the digital world with this ever changing and dynamic environment. Having had invaluable input from the top minds in the SA digital industry, the publication renders credible content which can be put to task in the real time digital industry.

Nic van den Bergh, Founder & Director of Macula

Reviews for previous editions

I found eMarketing: The essential guide to digital marketing to be an excellent guide on digital marketing. The book covers all the essentials that someone would need on digital marketing.Rob Stokes and the Minds of Quirk provide an excellent approach with their think, create, engage, and optimize framework.

This framework allows the reader to think carefully about their overall strategy, the web assets that they need to create, and how to effectively engage with their audience through multiple digital vehicles. Additionally, Rob Stokes and team provide a great overview on how to measure and optimize one’s activities in digital via web analytics and conversion optimization. This book provided me with a solid background on all aspects of digital marketing. It allowed me to build and accelerate on my foundation in digital marketing. I still use the book as a handy guide, especially for its glossary of terms. This book is a great one stop place for everything important to know about digital marketing.