Entity-based SEO: Semantic Publishing and Entities Gap Analysis

Entity SEO

The article “Introducing the Knowledge Graph: things, not strings” published in the official Google Blog in 2012 is the watershed
marking the birth of Entity SEO.

The “strings” in the title are the sequences of characters that make up keywords, to understand and simplify, we can say that“things” is more or less a synonym for entity. In general, entities are objects or concepts that can be uniquely identified, often people, places, brands, and “things,” in fact.

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Here is a short list of resources for further study.

Wordlift and Ontotext blogs:

Some academic texts:
– Guarino et al., Ontologies and knowledge bases:
towards a terminological clarification
– Hogan et al., Knowledge Graphs – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.02320.pdf
– Noy et al. Industrial-scale Knowledge Graphs
– Norvig e Russell, Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach\