The Future of Social Media: Personalizing business by focusing on people (not profiles)


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Let’s think about offline conversations for a moment. Can you imagine referring to your mother as a lead at the dinner table? Or starting a conversation at a food lovers convention about how much you hate the existence of food? Now hop back online and think: Why don’t we use that same logic in social media conversations? As soon as we put our marketing hats on, we take off our human pants. We forget that behind every social media profile, there’s a living, breathing, human being. One who has unique
interests and needs.

We hear this often: Social media has introduced windows of opportunity for brands to improve their business. What we don’t hear is what is behind that window.

This ebook opens the curtains and unveils that opportunity: context. Our marketing and sales conversations have been lacking context. Rather than conducting scripted conversations, use social media to provide authentic, but non-creepy, information to personalize your sales and marketing. This ebook will dive into how you can use social media to do just that.


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