Email Marketing Trends 2021

Foreword – From Pure360

At a time of uncertainty, fear and in many cases isolation, there is no doubt that COVID-19 has affected all businesses. This is not a situation that any of us had envisaged and all the best laid plans for an emergency would not have covered the eventualities we saw unravel every day.

On the one hand you had panic buying at supermarkets and food stores where retailers couldn’t keep up with demand, and on the other a rapid decline in demand for travel and entertainment businesses as the government took us through a rollercoaster of lockdowns and tiers. It’s no wonder that many businesses descended into chaos.

Consumer behaviour was knocked off kilter. Immediately forced back to the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the main concern for most people was how to keep safe and fed. Previously known consumer behavioural models suddenly become out of date. Many marketers were in a state of shock.

However from this chaos emerged light, we saw marketers adapting and creating new experiences for consumers, whilst shifting spend and effort to the channels that could reach audiences at scale whilst at home. Covid-19 represents a catalyst for rapid digital transformation. Businesses who have previously spent years considering transformation are now looking to plan initiatives in a matter of weeks. An approach that poses a threat to those marketers that don’t embrace change and adapt.

As we explore in this report, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective channels for all digital marketers. However, it’s essential to maintain pace with the latest techniques to ensure business success.

We are encouraged to see the customer remains central to many of the key trends mentioned in this report, whether that’s through building trust and delivering the best experience, or using Ai to drive hyper personalisation. The continued democratisation of marketing technology means that these techniques can be implemented by all marketers today – it’s just a matter of what blend you use to reach your marketing objectives. Lean on your technology provider to help!

The marketer’s mind-set is also an important piece of the success puzzle. As well as embracing digital transformation there are other important themes ambitious marketers should be mindful of:-

Transform your brand marketing to being helpful and genuine. Often marketing messages don’t align with reality. With the experiences of COVID-19 and other major events in 2020, both marketers and consumers are paying attention to the integrity of marketing messages. 92% of consumers believe that brands should continue to advertise during COVID and be there for them – but they want brands to represent something that’s meaningful and helpful.