Mobile technology continues to play a huge role in how we market to consumers, and that trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. In today’s market, users spend 59% of their time online on their mobile device versus a desktop. Therefore, it’s becoming even more important than ever for businesses to cater to that experience to attract more leads, and generate more conversions and revenue.

But all that’s easier said than done. With mobile phone technology being everchanging, marketers constantly have to adapt their marketing strategies to better reach and engage consumers. Luckily for you, we have a few tips and suggestions that will help you be on your way towards creating a mobile marketing plan that gets results:

1. Ensure your website and forms are mobile friendly

Before you fully dive into mobile marketing, you should make sure you have the essential elements in place. This will give you a good and healthy foundation from which to launch the rest of your marketing efforts, and improve your overall chance of success.

To start, you want to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Not having a mobile-friendly website will negatively impact your Google search rankings, so it’s necessary if you want to attract inbound traffic in the first place. But, more importantly, your website is an important marketing tool and serves as the main hub of information for your users. Making sure it’s easy to navigate and view from a mobile device will result in a positive customer experience, motivating your audience to learn more.

To check if your website is mobile friendly, you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester. If it’s not, Google’s guide on mobile-friendly sites can provide suggestions on how to optimize it for mobile devices.

To make the online experience even more seamless for your prospects, you should also have mobile-friendly lead generation forms on your website. This will make it easier for prospects to sign up for more information, resulting in higher engagement and conversions.

2. Create mobile marketing friendly email

Email plays a very important role in both attracting and nurturing leads. And with mobile email users expected to reach 2.2 billion by the end of this year, it’s important to ensure that any messages you send be easy to read from your customer’s phone. This will allow you to make a good impression with your customer, get your message across and make it easy for them to respond to any call to action within the email.

Not sure how to make your emails mobile friendly? The process is actually pretty simple. With the right marketing automation solution, you should be able to test and optimize your email campaigns for mobile users.

3. Run ads on social media and take advantage of geotargeting

Chances are your customers spend a good portion of their day on social media, and many of them will do so on their mobile device. So why not use it to your advantage by placing ads where your customers will see them? A native ad is a promotional message embedded in your customer’s social media feed, and it’s a simple and easy way to get started in mobile marketing.

You can promote a content piece, a specific product or even redirect customers to your website using anything from an eye catching graphic to a fun video. And with many new features being added to social media platforms every year, there are always new and interesting ways for you to engage your customers.

You can make your ads even more effective by implementing geotargeting. When creating your next mobile ad, choose to promote it to customers located in a specific area, within a specific age range and with certain interests that match those of your customer persona. That way, your ad will get seen by the right people and help you get the most bang for your buck.

4.  Develop a mobile marketing paid search campaign

In today’s world, the answer to our most burning questions are just a Google search away. Therefore, you can likely expect your customers to conduct searches for businesses or services right from their phone when they are on the go. Developing a mobile paid search campaign will ensure your business shows up in those search results and generates interest from your target audience.

If your business depends on local traffic, you can improve your chances of getting seen by making sure you’re showing up in local mobile searches. If not, you could be missing out. Moz has this useful tool to help you check if you are.

5. Make your mobile marketing content interactive

Interactive content is a fun way to get your audience to engage with you right from their mobile device. You can create games, quizzes, puzzles, booklets – anything to keep people interacting with your brand.

If you’re giving a speech or presentation and want to engage your audience through their smartphones, consider using a tool like TwtPoll to create a poll the audience can respond to via their devices. It’s a great way to take advantage of mobile in a B2B environment and engage prospects with your brand.

Here’s a creative way to create engaging, interactive mobile emails. Zembula makes it easy to send messages with a lottery-ticket-like interface. The recipient can swipe the screen with their fingers to reveal an offer or call to action right from their phone or tablet.

Interested in exploring other types of interactive content? Here are some more ideas of how you can use interactive content to generate engagement.

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