eMarketing eXcellence Planning and optimizing your digital marketing

Why eMarketing eXcellence?

E-marketing impacts all aspects of marketing from strategy and planning through the mar- keting mix, marketing communications and buyer behaviour to marketing research. eMar- keting eXcellence highlights the most significant opportunities, pitfalls and defines the new marketing approaches needed. It highlights best practice in applying digital media to support a range of organizational goals based on the 20 years ’ plus combined practical Internet mar- keting experience of the authors. Best practice is exemplified by a selection of the leading pureplay and multichannel organizations who have exploited the unique characteristics of digital media.

E-marketing impacts all organizations. eMarketing eXcellence shows you how to assess your current use of e-marketing and then develop and resource an effective plan.
E-marketing does not exist in a vacuum. Planning must ensure that e-marketing integrates with the marketing objectives and the corporate aims of moving towards e-business. eMar- keting eXcellence shows how to develop a plan that achieves this integration.

The e-marketing imperative is further indicated by success stories from leading adopters of e-marketing such as Alliance and Leicester, BMW, Dell, CIPD, Diageo, E-consultancy, ING Direct, Tektronix and TUI, who have found e-marketing to be effective and who are sub- stantially increasing their online marketing expenditure to double-digit percentages of total marketing communications spend.

How is eMarketing eXcellence structured?

eMarketing eXcellence has been developed to help you learn efficiently. It has supported stu- dents on many university and college business and marketing courses and a range of spe- cialist qualifications in digital marketing offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing,

E-consultancy/Manchester Metropolitan University and The Institute of Direct Marketing. It is structured around ten self-contained chapters, each of which supports learning through a clear structure based on sections with clear learning outcomes, summaries and self-test ques- tions. The E-marketing Insight boxes give varied perspectives from practitioners and aca- demics while the E-marketing Excellence boxes give examples of best practice. We have also included numerous tips and best practice checklists for you to compare your e-marketing against and to help you develop a plan.